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A revolutionary creasing matrix designed specifically for corrugated board.


C&T have followed this market trend and have developed a new creasing matrix aimed specifically at the corrugated board industry. Our revolutionary new matrix offers an extra wide body (20mm) to reduce pressure and prevent cracking and is available in both Standard, Internal Chamfer and U Bend options.

Previously, creasing matrix was rarely used with corrugated material as the quality of the crease lines was not subject to such stringent requirements. However, due to the increased level of sophistication required in terms of print and finishing quality, the use of creasing matrix can greatly improve the overall result of a job and is quickly becoming the norm.



Download the Corrugate creasing guide. To help you get started with becoming a professional at setting up to get the best results.


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Download the accessories guide. Enjoy some of the exclusive tools to help you with the matrix system.


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Download the Euro Rubber guide. Have a look through all the different rubber products you can use for the creasing matrix.


Demonstration Video

1. Your Simple Guide for choosing the correct Matrix size.

2. Your simple guide to installing your Matrix.

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