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Profile Rubber

A wide range of extruded profile rubbers for use in both solid board and corrugated applications.


C & T – first for rubber

We at C&T first started making matrix nearly 60 years ago and ejector profile around 40 years ago.

In that time our catalogue of ejector shapes, hardnesses and uses have expanded exponentially. Innovations in box designs and consumer demand, have added the extra demands upon the die maker and box maker and in turn us also.

Ejector profile, which has a generic term “rubber”, is as its name suggests, able to eject the substrate being cut or creased. The material used by C&T for its ejector profile or “rubber” is a synthetic plastic material (TPE) which is supplied in a shore hardness range; 25 Shore A up to 70 Shore A.

Profiles for Cutting

We invented the T profile and as more and more machine speed was required, that shape evolved into the D profile then C profile and eventually through that development the Sprint profile was born.

This premium Sprint profile, since its creation over 14 years ago, is used throughout the world on dies, to give cleaner cuts.

Sprint is used strategically over the die where its unique roll together profile pushes the board together as it is cut. Giving that cleaner cut, especially in areas like glue flaps that prove troublesome at folder gluer stage and at assembly, when the tuck in end is deployed. It is also UV resistant.

Other innovative profiles have been developed as a result of difficulties encountered in the die making and the converting processes, for example; slot , narrow and trapezoidal – too numerous to mention every one however!

Finally, the Soft C was in turn developed for the ever growing corrugated market. This is a profile which supports the cut whilst at the same time being sympathetic to the flutes whilst being cut. This was needed, because straight sponge was at times inadequate.

Profiles for Creasing

Another first for C&T was our development of profiles for creasing in conjunction with the creasing rule and primarily with corrugated board as the substrate.

Firstly there was the Easicrease profile, then Flexicrease (which is equally at home on the rotary die as well as the flat bed) and then G profile came along which can be used for both the cut and the crease.

Another addition was the Soft C, which was initially designed for cutting. It was found it could be used with creasing matrix and creasing rules to limit the damage a hard rubber can inflict on dark colours and glossy finishes. Other advantages were found, in respect of limiting misalignment (fishtailing) and making the crease more defined (i.e. reducing knuckling).

All our ejector profile is now marketed under the brand name Eurorubba. C&T can generally satisfy almost any realistic requirement, as it has the facility to make its own dies and coupled with our extrusion experience of nearly 60 years, we are considered to be unique in the industry.



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