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Trimplex Kiss

A plastic matrix with a chamfered edge profile. Kiss crease is the optimum balance between cost and quality.


Kiss crease is the optimum balance between cost and quality. Kiss has precision engineered plastic shoulders on a micro thin polyester film base with a perfectly registered locator. Decades of continuous development and experience have lead to efficient manufacture to the highest standards giving this optimum cost and quality balance.

  1. Precision engineered plastic shoulders are extremely accurate and durable
  2. Micro thin polyester film base to reduce rule height adjustments
  3. Perfectly registered locator ensures accurate and high quality creasing
  4. Low profile reduces board stress and smooth mitred edges allow fast running
  5. All profiles are labelled for easy reference and to minimise the risk of mixing sizes during make ready



Download the Trimplex Kiss creasing guide. To help you get started with becoming a professional at setting up to get the best results.


blue pdf

Download the Accessories Guide. Enjoy some of the exclusive tools to help you with the matrix system.


yellow pdf

Download the Profile Rubber guide. Have a look through all the different rubber products you can use for the creasing matrix.


Demonstration Video

1. Your Simple Guide for choosing the correct Matrix size.

2. Your simple guide to installing your Matrix.



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