C&T international success in china

The British Lion and the Chinese Dragon join forces and become the largest manufacturer of creasing matrix in the World!

We are delighted to announce that Channel Shengli, part of C&T International International, has moved to a new purpose built factory in Tianjin to offer outstanding service to the Asian market. The demand for creasing matrix within China has increased drastically over the past 2 years and it has been necessary to improve and invest in our production facility in order to keep up with demand. We have also invested in our people, improving their skills in customer service and production management.

Very close ties exist between the production team in the U.K and China. Peter Houghton, our UK Production Director, has made regular visits to China to offer his support to the team. Peter has advised on new product developments and manufacturing methods.

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Quality is key! Sally Miller who is responsible for C&T International’s quality management and health and safety programmes has lent her support in the harmonisation of the total quality systems within our Chinese factory.


Training our team so that they can deliver high quality service is also a key component of our success in China. We are strengthening our Sales Team and Engineering Team with talented individuals who will deliver outstanding customer service. Several members of the team travelled to the U.K where they visited C&T International’s headquarters and centre of excellence, just north of London.

In a recent visit to China, Howard Mead (Commercial Director) and Simon Shenton (Group CEO) delivered several seminars on C&T innovations to our team, die makers and carton manufacturers at our sales headquarters in Shanghai. We are looking forward to the coming year where we will be supporting our customers in the Asian market further.

Our customers where very interested to learn of new innovations including SPEEDPIN and our new self-adhesive profile rubbers.

Stephen Irvine