Our innovative Speedpin design improves production efficiency and reduces make-ready time through eliminating the need for stripping frames and bottom pins. Our patented design prevents waste from causing blockages, keeping your production line running smoothly.


Counter material and accessories

Our Pertinax range includes a variety of counter accessories to increase productivity for your business. From our Countamat and Countamax products to Kingpin we provide products within a variety of thicknesses and sizes to meet your needs.


Nicking Tools

We offer a variety of nicking tools from grinders and discs through to chisels in various grades and sizes.


Make ready tapes and papers

We have a tape to do the job for most of your manufacturing needs, from patch and shim to self adhesive and felt, our various tapes come in multiple widths, lengths, colours and microns. A selection of paper sheets from carbon paper and calibrated sheets to transparent plotting paper are also available in various sizes.


Cutting Tools

Our cutting tools cover a variety of needs, from angled and chamfered tools to marking knives and bench presses. Our tools have been manufactured to work alongside our other products, with replacement blades available to maintain the perfect cut.

cutting tools.jpg

Die making accessories

Our die making offering covers everything from adhesive to blocks and punches. We offer multiple style of blocks, nuts and bolts, alongside spacers, sheet lifters, rule pullers, hammers and punches.


Cutting plates

Our 1mm cutting plates come in various sizes and levels of hardness. They are made of only the best quality raw material giving the perfect surface to reduce debris whilst improving the cutting and creasing process. We also offer plate cleaner and cylinder jackets to help best protect and maintain the efficiency of your cutting process.

cutting plates.jpg


Our stripping tools cover all your needs, from various small parts like pins, holders, clamps and stripping foam to large frames, bar sets, plates and loading systems.



Our blanking products include a comprehensive range from frames, pads, rails and pressers to best meet your blanking needs.


Cutting and creasing rule

C&T are proud to be official distributors of the GNU cutting and creasing rule range of products.