Speedpin – Over 1 million sold in the 1st year

Since its launch, just over 18 months ago, SPEEDPIN has become one of the greatest successes to be introduced by manufacturer C&T Channel Matrix (C&T), the world’s leading producer of creasing matrix and associated products.

The patented, revolutionary SPEEDPIN is aimed at the die cutting industry and has already become a firm favourite with many folding carton and die maker companies in the UK and Ireland, including Laserline. C&T has sold in excess of 1 million in the last 12 months alone.


SPEEDPIN offers converters a reduction in pre make-ready time and improves conversion efficiencies. SPEEDPIN is fitted in the female stripping board by the die maker and completely eliminates the need for stripping frames and bottom pins, thereby saving time and increasing machine efficiency. It also means no waste is left hanging on the bottom pins, reducing the likelihood of stoppages. Doing away with the pin frame dramatically reduces make ready time as there is no need to either fit the frame into position or align bottom pins to the male stripping unit.

Pin frames and bottom pins are no longer required – reducing consumable costs.


Simon Shenton, C&T Channel Matrix, Managing Director explains; “SPEEDPIN has proved a huge success with those converters who have adopted this new pin as using it represents a significant improvement in the stripping process. They are finding that doing away with the pin frame has greatly reduced consumables costs and make-ready time as there is no need to fit the frame or align bottom pins. This is giving them a real benefit in time saving and, has also eliminated the actual cost of the pins and frames. On average customers are finding that using SPEEDPIN saves around 15 minutes per job.”

C&T has great expertise and offers strong technical support for anyone wishing to trial SPEEDPIN, which is ideal for both BOBST and Iberica equipment.

Stephen Irvine