Soft crease


A combination of Soft-C and Flexi-Crease. The rubber fits up to the crease rule, but allows space for the locator to be fitted. The ‘rollover’ action of the ‘C’ profile part pulls close to the rule when compressed. The Flexi-Crease part allows the rubber to be stapled in position and has a wide compressible area which grips the the board when compressed preventing fishtailing. Corrugate Crease and Soft Crease available in 25m rolls of 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10 and 11 mm.

Feature and benefits

  • 25 shore

  • For easy application on the creasing rule

  • Available in 25m coils

  • Available in heights 7mm to 11mm

Product sizes

  • RUCCSR7MM - 25M

  • RUCCSR8MM - 25M

  • RUCCSR8.5MM - 25M

  • RUCCSR9MM - 25M

  • RUCCSR9.5MM - 25M

  • RUCCSR10MM - 25M

  • RUCCSR11MM - 25M