Synnovia is a specialist plastics products manufacturer focused on proprietary products for niche markets. The Group has four factories in the UK, one in Thailand and sales offices in the USA, Japan, India and China. Synnovia was established by Faisal Rahmatallah and Arun Nagwaney and was incorporated in December 2002. Since then the company has grown mainly through acquisitions and was listed on the AIM market in London in December 2007.


Our strategy

Synnovia’s strategy is to build shareholder value by continuing to grow its key businesses organically and through value enhancing acquisitions.

Our businesses

The defining characteristics of Synnovia’s businesses are:

  1. Leaders in their niche industrial markets ­in many cases with no direct or limited competition.

  2. Long established (20 years or more) with long term customer relationships and high retention rates.

  3. “Mission critical” to customers with our products frequently representing a low fraction of customers’ costs.

  4. Highly automated with bespoke manufacturing processes that have been perfected over many years and are hence very difficult to replicate.

  5. Ripe for further development and exploitation of customer opportunities

Companies within our group